Product Support

Thank you very much for your interest in Solariver's solar water pumps and kits.  Solariver products are designed for quick and easy setup and reliable long-term use, but sometimes customers have a little trouble getting started.  If you have set up your pump and it doesn't start running please follow these easy steps:

12W, 20W, and 70W Solar Pumps and Pump Kits

  1. Confirm your solar panel is placed in full sunshine. It will work through clouds, but not shade, so make sure there are no branches, leaves or  shadows covering the panel.

  2. Solariver solar water pumps are equipped with dry-run protection to protect the pump from burning out if it is not completely submerged.

    The pump will not run if it is plugged in and then put underwater, it needs to be underwater first.

    Try unplugging the pump from the solar panel cord and placing the pump underwater first. Give it 15 seconds of submersion and then plug it back into the solar panel.  This will reset the dry run sensors.  It should start pumping. 

  3. Then please double confirm the cord is connected properly.  This can be tricky at times.  There is a flat side to the connectors that needs to be matched up. If they are not matched up the pump won't receive power from the solar panel.

    Solariver - Solar Water Pump Connector

    Also make sure the waterproof connector is tight, if water gets in there it can stop the pump, in that case it just needs to dry out completely. 

  4. If the pump still isn't working after trying the above, please place your hand on the pump while it is underwater and plugged in and to identify whether it is a) running and not pumping or b) it is not running at all. In either case, please email us at and we can go from there.