5 Water Feature Ideas for Your Yard

Five Terrific Water Feature Ideas for Your Yard

A pool isn't the only option for a water feature in an outdoor living space. Not everyone has the space for a pool, or even desires one. Despite this, many of us are still drawn to the calming sound and captivating sight of water, as it is something we are innately drawn to.

No matter the size of your yard, explore various methods to add a water feature to your outdoor living space.

small fountain water feature using solar water pump

Garden Pond

Having a garden pond means you can choose to either have exquisite water lilies floating on the surface and be populated with colorful koi fish, or you can opt for a simpler, clean, and clear pond with no inhabitants, simply there for the purpose of reflection and pleasure. Some people even enjoy the beauty and serenity of adding a waterfall to their pond, which can add to the aesthetic quality of their outdoor space.

Stand Alone Fountain 

A stand-alone water fountain can be constructed with water conservation in mind. For example, if you have a pool, you can cycle water from the pool to the fountain.

In hot weather or in warm regions, the air can be filled with a refreshing mist from a fountain. This can bring a pleasant atmosphere to your home, as well as benefit the surrounding plants and gardens. Fountains can be crafted from various materials, sizes and designs, depending on the DIY skills, creativity and budget you may have.


When creating a stream for a backyard project, it is important to research the behavior and appearance of authentic streams. Homeowners should take into account their soil and land to determine what kind of water flow is most suitable. Natural streams can be found both winding through valleys and cascading down granite mountains, and you can mimic this in your own backyard stream.

The optimal placement of a backyard stream is on land that is level or inclined with only a slight grade.


Before beginning, it is important to note that a backyard waterfall will likely consist of two or more pools of water at varying heights. The uppermost pool is the smallest, but it should still be large enough to create an energetic flow of water.

Incorporating either natural or man-made rocks and boulders into a home-based waterfall is a popular choice. Designers can choose the path of their creation, like a direct drop (freefall), multiple intertwining channels, or a series of small holding pools or stair steps.

Wall-Mounted Fountain

If you're looking for a more integrated look, why not consider a wall fountain for your landscaping? A Mediterranean-style water feature is a great example, incorporating stucco and natural colors to bring the warmth of the sun to your outdoor area.

Solar Powered Water Pumps – A Great Choice For Water Features In Your Yard

At Solariver, our plug-and-play solar-powered water pump kits are easy to set up and designed to run off-grid, requiring only a solar panel and a water pump.

They are a great choice for DIY solar fountains, pond circulation, water features, hydroponics, aquariums, aquaculture, greenhouses, garden projects, pools, and more. Plus, they are low noise and fully submersible in fresh or salt water and non-toxic for fish or other aquatic life.

Shop our solar pumps today and start building your beautiful water feature.

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