How To Maintain Your Solar Pond Aerator for Peak Performance

pond being aerated by solar pond aerator pump

Your solar pond aerator can take your pond to the next level. It can help to keep the ecosystem healthy and thriving while maintaining clear water, removing bacteria, and getting rid of foul odors. 

Of course, how can you ensure that you will see its peak performance as time passes? What does maintenance look like for your solar pond aerator? Let’s talk about it. 

How A Solar Pond Aerator Works

A solar pond aerator uses the sun’s energy for power. The solar panels collect this energy and then infuse oxygen into the pond, further creating movement within it. 

How it works is quite simple. 

The solar panels are placed near the water's edge in an area that gets the most sunlight. They are attached to a pump that delivers compressed air through flexible tubing directly into the water via airstones. 

The added oxygen helps to keep the water healthy and elevates your pond.

Maintaining Your Solar Pond Aerator

Solar pond aerators come with a few pieces — the solar panels, the pump, and the flexible tubing. They are not complicated units and the kits are essentially maintenance-free. 

The solar panels provide the power for the aerator. In order to harness the sun’s energy, they need to remain within reach of the sun. You will want to routinely check just to make sure any debris does not cover or block them from the rays. Also make sure the junction box on the back is closed so moisture doesn’t get into the electrical connections. 

The air pump will be placed near the water. Just as you check to make sure the solar panels are clear, take a look at the air pump to make sure it has space to run efficiently. Take care to try to shield the pump from the direct sunlight, as that can cause the pump to overheat and may reduce its lifespan. 

The flexible tubing sits down in the water, delivering the compressed air. Because the air is forcefully coming out, you never have to worry about anything clogging the line. It remains free and clear so that your pond can yield the best results.  

The air stones may develop growth on them over time. If you don’t let it get out of hand they can last a long time. These can be cleaned with a toothbrush and a solution of warm water with a little bleach or white vinegar. If they get too covered and are preventing the air from effectively transferring, Solariver™ has replacements available.

Other Things You Can Do to Maintain a Healthy Pond

Your solar pond aerator can be working beautifully, but your pond may struggle without taking proper care of it. Here are a few other things you can do to maintain a healthy pond. 

Remove debris. Your pond is outdoors, so debris falling into the water is inevitable. Things like leaves, mulch, flower petals, lawn clippings, pollen, and the like can all break down in the water and interrupt its delicate system. Remove it regularly. 

Add plants around your pond. Not only will plants add to the aesthetics, but they help minimize the nitrate levels of your pond. In turn, you reduce algae blooms and help the pond thrive. 

Have the right amount of fish. If you are stocking your pond, you don’t want to overstuff it. Having just the right amount of fish for its size can help you maintain the pond. Be sure to consider their adult size. A good rule of thumb is to have no more than ten inches of fish for every 100 gallons of water. 

Stop the urge to overfeed. If you are feeding your fish, too much can leave the water cloudy and dirty. Leftover food can also turn into sludge. All of this disrupts the health of your pond, despite efforts to keep it clear. 

Invest In Your Solar Pond Aerator Today

If you are ready to transform your pond’s health, you need your own plug-and-play solar-powered pond aerator from Solariver™. Our solar aerator kits involve a very simple setup process and are highly functional to keep water clean and healthy.