How To Transform An Outdoor Space with Solar Fountain Pumps

Have you been looking for a way to upgrade your outdoor space? If you want to improve your yard or your business, a fountain can create an upscale atmosphere or enhance the natural beauty of any location. 

Now, thanks to solar fountain pumps, you can put a fountain anywhere on your property without access to electricity. How do solar fountain pumps work? Are they worth it? Learn more about these handy gadgets that can make it easy to achieve the desired look. 

What is a Solar Fountain Pump?

A fountain pump is the mechanical part of a fountain that moves the water. A solar fountain pump runs on solar energy, meaning it doesn’t need electricity to work. For an outdoor fountain, there is plenty of natural light to keep a solar fountain pump running during the daylight hours.

A solar pump contains two main parts, the pump and the solar panel that powers it. The solar panel is connected to the pump with a cord. As the light shines on the solar panel, it creates energy that moves through the cord to the pump itself that cycles the water. 

Benefits of Solar Fountain Pumps

Solar fountain pumps offer many benefits: 

  • Off the grid. A solar fountain pump won’t add to your electric bill because it doesn’t use electricity. 
  • Environmentally friendly. Solar energy is clean and won’t impact the environment in any negative way. 
  • No electrical access required. You won’t need to run power lines or bury power lines under the ground to reach your fountain. 
  • Flexible placing. You have complete flexibility to place your fountain anywhere on your property without access to electrical wires. 
  • Safe for fish and aquatic animals. If you’re creating a pond for fish or other aquatic animals such as frogs or turtles, a solar fountain pump is a safe option. 
  • Easy installation. A solar pump is simple to install in a variety of different water features. 

Types of Water Features That Work With a Solar Pump 

Solar pumps work with a wide variety of water features, including: 

Decorative fountains. Enhance your outdoor space with a decorative fountain that runs on solar energy. 

Bird baths. Keep your bird bath fresh and clean with a solar pump that continuously circulates water. 

Waterfalls. Create your own natural looking waterfall with a solar pump to keep the water flowing. 

Ponds. Solar pumps keep ponds aerated to prevent stagnant water, maintaining a healthy environment for fish and animals. 

Agricultural irrigation. Irrigate your agricultural pond with a solar pump that oxygenates the water for improved growth. 

Enhancing Your Outdoor Environment 

Water features offer ambience and atmosphere to any outdoor space. The sound of flowing water is calm and relaxing. A waterfall or fountain can provide a focal point for an outdoor entertainment area. Create a zen garden with a waterfall or a built-in mote around your patio or outdoor kitchen. There are many ways that water can be used artistically to enhance your decor. 

Water features can also be functional such as a fish pond or an agricultural pond. Solar water pumps maintain healthy water for animals and plants to grow and drink from without raising your energy costs. This environmentally friendly option is preferred by many animal and plant lovers. 

What’s the Best Solar Fountain Pump? 

There are many solar fountain pumps on the market, but Solariver pumps provide a high quality option that is versatile and low maintenance. Occasional cleaning of the pump and filter may be necessary for best operation. Our solar fountain pumps last for many years, keeping the water flowing and cycling for regular oxygenation. We offer a variety of models to suit every type of water feature you may have or are planning to install. 

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