Solariver 16' Extension Cord (900 and 655)

16' Extension Cord (900 and 655)

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This is a 16-Foot Solar Water Pump Extension Cable with 2-prong quick connector designed for use with the 900GPH (70 watt) and 655GPH (35 Watt) Solariver Solar Water Pump Kits.

  • Extend the distance between the water pump and solar panel allowing for more optimal sun positioning or hiding from viewing distance if desired. 
  • The Solariver  solar water pump extension cables include waterproof screw connectors to keep moisture out of the connection. 
  • A maximum of 2 extensions (an additional 32') can be added between the pump and panel for a total of 48 feet. 

Please make sure to confirm the size chosen matches your pump. This cord comes in two sizes. If you need the cord for the 160+GPH (12 watt kit) or 360+GPH (20 watt kit) Solariver Solar Water Pump Kits or Solariver Aerator (10 Watt) with 5 air stones, click here to get the 160GPH,360GPH,Aerator extension cord.