Solar Water Fountains Add to Sustainable Home Living

Why Solar Water Fountains are the Perfect Addition to Sustainable Homes

Finding enjoyment in our surroundings can be done in an eco-friendly way with the help of solar water fountains. As a wonderful addition to sustainable homes, they offer you all the opportunities and benefits of a traditional water fountain, without wasting energy. 

Let’s find out more. 

Meeting the Goal of a Sustainable Home

As we learn more and more about the importance of caring for the environment around us, we may take steps to implement practices that can be beneficial, such as engaging in recycling efforts and trash reduction in the home. 

Creating a sustainable home, however, involves so much more. It takes larger, more in-depth steps to reduce the owner’s carbon footprint and really make a difference. For example, a sustainable home takes advantage of Energy Star appliances, programmable thermostats, solar panels, building or buying products made of recycled material when possible, recycling, and so forth. 

Water and energy are conserved. Waste is minimized. And sustainable practices such as gardening are often implemented. 

Does this mean that living in a sustainable home means you must give up additional perks that create a beautiful, serene outdoor setting? Absolutely not. 

The Power of Solar Water Fountains

Solar water fountains allow you to enjoy your outdoors without interfering with your quest to improve the planet. Just as sustainable homes make the investment into using solar power to run the electronics within the home, they can also benefit from solar water fountains.

Without the use of electricity like traditional pumps, solar water fountain pumps work as efficiently and effectively. In fact, they work in much the same ways — they just get their flow of energy from a different source: the sun!

The way solar water fountains work is quite simple. 

  • The solar panel has silicon cells that capture the sun’s energy as it shines down on the unit, converting the energy into electricity for the fountain’s pump. 
  • A power cord from the solar panel goes directly to the pump.  
  • Once the solar panel and the fountain pump are connected, the fountain can function without electricity as long as the sun is shining. 

Benefits of Solar Water Fountains For Sustainable Homes

Solar water fountains do not consume energy like traditional pumps.

Trying to maintain a sustainable home means being intentional about the purchases you make. You are constantly focused on taking steps that will add to what you are trying to achieve while keeping your carbon footprint as low as possible. 

Solar water fountains do not consume electricity. Energy efficiency can come in many different forms. And sustainability is all about finding ways to reduce energy consumption. Harnessing the power of the sun is an easy way to make this happen. Ready for a bonus? There will be no additional cost incurred for electricity. 

Solar water fountains can be used in different areas. You can use your fountain anywhere because they are easy to set up and do not need to be near an electrical outlet. They can be placed in a pond (including Koi ponds), in pools, in a bird bath, and more. 

Solar water fountains can help your garden be fruitful. It is not uncommon for those with sustainable homes to take advantage of the solar-powered fountain as a small part of their irrigation systems. This, of course, is often in connection with additional solar-powered water pumps. This moving water can be used to provide your garden with one of the basic needs for a healthy, thriving green space. 

The rewards are even greater when you have a system designed to harvest rainwater. 

Solar water fountains can provide aeration benefits. Fountains are mostly purchased for aesthetic purposes, allowing you to turn your backyard into a tranquil oasis. Yet, in their everyday function, they are able to provide a small amount of aeration, too. 

Learn More About Solar Water Fountains

If you are transforming your living space into one that is more sustainable, the solar water fountains from Solariver will align with your goals. Shop online or contact us for more information.