The Future of Gardening: How Solar Water Fountains are Changing the Landscape

Are you looking for ways to improve your garden landscape? A fountain not only adds beauty and ambience, it also serves as a source of water for your plants, birds, and other wildlife. 

Solar water fountains are environmentally friendly and don’t require any electrical lines. They provide their own energy source and can be easily installed without the need for any upheaval of your existing landscape. 

How Does a Solar Water Fountain Work? 

A solar water fountain only requires a few parts. The solar panels must be placed in direct sunlight. Then they must be connected to the water pump to provide power. The water pump moves and recycles the water, keeping it flowing as long as there is sunlight shining on the solar panels. 

Benefits of Solar Water Fountains 

Solar water fountains offer many benefits: 

  • Off-grid. Solar water fountains operate off the grid, meaning you don’t need to pay for the energy used to run it. Just give mother nature a big thank you. 
  • No increase to your energy bill. Your energy bill will not be affected by the addition of a solar water fountain. 
  • Quiet operation. Solar water fountains operate quietly. The only sound you’ll hear is the serenity of flowing water. 
  • Keeps water fresh. Flowing water prevents buildup of mildew and algae in ponds and water features. 
  • No emissions. Solar fountains release no greenhouse gasses in their operation, as they only absorb the sun’s energy. 
  • Conserve water. Solar water fountains promote efficient water usage by recycling the same water over and over. 

Solar Fountains and Aquatic Plants 

Water lettuce growing solar water fountains changing the future of gardening

There are certain plants that grow in the water rather than in the ground. Solar fountains make it possible to grow these plants, as they need flowing, oxygenated water. 

Examples include: 

  • Water lilies
  • Nelumbo
  • Lucky bamboo
  • English ivy
  • Philodendron 
  • Begonias
  • A variety of herbs
  • Water lettuce 

You can quickly create a natural looking water landscape with flowers and plants that thrive in the flowing water powered by your solar water fountain. 

Fish Ponds with Solar Water Fountains 

Solar water fountains are ideal for outdoor fish ponds to keep the water clean and fresh. Koi and goldfish are some of the most common fish used in decorative ponds because they are known for their bright colors and beauty. They are also low maintenance and don’t require much upkeep. 

Zen Gardens 

A zen garden is meant to be relaxing and to facilitate deep meditation. Flowing water is often featured in zen gardens because of the calming feeling it creates. A solar water fountain provides the serenity of flowing water without the noise of an electric water pump. You can meditate, commune with nature, and reach a deep state of relaxation in your zen garden with a solar fountain. 

Solar Fountain Bird Baths

A bird bath is a beautiful and functional addition to any garden. A solar fountain keeps the water clean and free of algae and mildew, which attracts more birds. You can watch the different species stop to wash their feathers and take a drink. 

Transform Your Garden With a Solariver Fountain

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