Solariver™Replacement Solar Water Pump (160+GPH, 12v DC Submersible)

Solariver™ - Replacement Solar Water Pump (160+GPH, 12v DC Submersible)

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Use the sun’s free energy to enjoy a steady supply of water for your garden or water feature without the hassle of wiring or electricity.

This 12-24 Volt Direct Current pump is perfect for DIY solar fountains, pond circulation, water features, hydroponics, aquariums, aquaculture, greenhouses, solar education, garden projects, pools, boating, bilge substitute or any off-grid/remote water pumping applications. Brushless magnetic motor with long life (20,000 hours) adjustable flow, dry-run protection and low noise is fully submersible in fresh or salt water. Non toxic for fish or other aquatic life. Does not include solar panel or tubing. 

Flow Rate: 160 - 235GPH (based on 12V or 18V)

Max. Head: 5.5ft