Solariver™ Battery Pack for 235GPH Solar Water Pump Kit - 12V/6000mAh

Solariver™ Battery Pack for 235GPH Solar Water Pump Kit - 12V/6000mAh

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Enhance Any Landscape, Anywhere. Easily.

Transform your garden or landscape into a serene retreat with the Solariver™ Battery Pack for 235GPH Solar Water Pump Kit (model SRK25235). Designed to extend the operation of your solar water pump, this battery pack allows up to 6-8 additional hours of tranquility, even when the sun isn't shining. Enjoy the soothing sounds of a birdbath fountain, waterfall, pond, or stream, uninterrupted through rain, shade, and clouds.

Seamless Solar Charging Charge effortlessly in the early morning sun, and rely on continuous pump operation through fluctuating weather conditions and into the night. The battery activates automatically when solar power wanes, keeping your water features vibrant and your local wildlife thriving.

Durable, Thoughtful Design Constructed with the outdoors in mind, the water-resistant casing ensures durability against the elements. While it thrives in rain, positioning it in a cool, shaded area prolongs its lifespan and optimizes function. Ideal for environmentally conscious landscapes, our battery pack not only keeps your waterscape active but also supports the planet with sustainable energy solutions.

Enhanced Features For an elevated experience, integrate LED lights (available separately) to illuminate your nights and highlight your water features.

Note: The battery pack ships separately due to special handling needs.

Technical Specs:

Battery: Li-Fe, 12.8 V, 6000 mAh
Input Voltage: DC 15V-18V
Output Voltage: 12.8V
Max. Input Power: 50W
Max. Output (Pump) Power: 20W
Max. Output (Light) Power: 5W
Cable Length: 16'
Size: 6.54in x 5.5in x 3.85in
Weight: 1.94 lb
Fuse: 15A/2x20mm